Welcome to Dvdendo

We’re excited to officially welcome you to the Dvdendo blog!

This is your place to get investing resources, exclusive offers, and first-to-know updates about our official launch (currently planned for Fall 2016, but you can add your name to our waitlist to be the first to know).

You may be wondering: What is Dvdendo?

Dvdendo is the phonetic way of saying “dividendo,” a Spanish word meaning dividends. A “dividend” is a reward or return—something you’ll be working towards the moment you sign up with Dvdendo.

Our founders, Santiago Maggi and Matthew Meehan, are financial and technology professionals passionate about making financial advice available to everyone. That’s why Dvdendo is the first digital investment advisor entirely designed around your needs, your goals, and your values.

We capitalize on innovations in investing technology to keep costs super low, and therefore accessible to just about everyone. Dvdendo accounts can be opened with a zero balance and incur no fees until funded for the first time. With no minimums, unlimited transfers, and no hidden commissions or transaction fees, you can reap the rewards of investing for only $1/month.

In fact, with Dvdendo, you can actually own a piece of the world’s biggest and best companies—think Apple, Google, Citibank, Starbucks—with an initial investment as little as five bucks.

A beta version of our investing platform is launching soon. Are you on the waitlist yet? Early Access Members get exclusive updates about Dvdendo, plus three months of free membership. Become an Early Access Member today. It’s totally free to sign up—no initial investment or account minimum required.

Visit our blog to keep up with the latest in Dvdendo news. We’re happy to have you here!