Why you should make investing part of your daily routine.

“Wait a minute,” you may be asking yourself. “Isn’t investing risky? Isn’t is safer to keep my savings in a bank account?”

Dvdendo is not a bank, that’s true—we don’t offer savings accounts, rolls of quarters, or free lollipops (although we do love kids). We offer investment advisory services. That means the money you save with us is held in a brokerage account and invested in a portfolio of securities.

It’s true that investing has the potential for both gains and losses. And depending on market fluctuations, your Dvdendo account value may fluctuate slightly on a daily basis. But historical data proves that over the long run, investing in a diversified portfolio of bonds and stocks has significantly outperformed cash balances held in bank savings accounts.

You see, when you hand over your savings to a traditional bank, you’re essentially loaning the bank your hard-earned money for close to 0% interest. Let’s say, for example, you put away $100 each month for the next 15 years in a savings account. Sure, you’d earn a small amount of interest over the years. But you could earn double by investing that same amount.

Just like with all good habits, the key to the rewards of investing is committing yourself to small, consistent steps. We built Dvdendo around a framework that automates your investment contributions, so you can grow your savings — so that saving money becomes an effortless and painless part of your daily routine.

Each time you make a purchase, Dvdendo rounds up the amount to the nearest dollar and deposits those extra pennies (we call them DVs) in an investment account built around your goals and values.

Investing on your own is hard, but saving is even harder. We’re here to fix that.

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