The Dvdendo mission

We created Dvdendo with one mission: To make investing less intimidating and more accessible to everyone.

We’re here because we believe all people should have access to investing. We believe traditional investing firms, which typically required thousands of dollars upfront, have failed you.

We believe everyone can — and should — take ownership of their financial future through smart investments. No one should be banned from protecting themselves against the unexpected emergencies of life. Whatever amount you have saved so far, and whatever your individual values and goals are, we’re here to kick open the doors for you.

We believe investing has been an exclusive club with boarded-up walls for too long.

That’s why we’re betting on the side of the underserved, the overlooked, the ones who are eager to learn but either don’t know where to start or simply don’t think they have enough funds to get started.

Technology is the solution.

Harnessing innovations in technology is at the heart of what we do. New software and automated technologies have made impossibly high minimums, cut-throat commissions, and debilitating transaction fees a thing of the past.

Dvdendo infuses smart, automated technology backed by some of the best brainpower in the financial world. Our founders have multiple decades of experience managing portfolios at some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We leverage that experience and insight through the framework of Modern Portfolio Theory to create the right mix for your investment portfolio.

Ready to join the revolution? You can be an investor in under 5 minutes: Use your smartphone to link your account to a debit or credit card, then sit back and save each time you spend.