3 ways Dvdendo delivers low-cost investing

One of the ways we’re making investing available to everyone is by drastically lowering the financial threshold for investing.

Traditionally, you would need a cash balance of $500 or more to be properly diversified in the market. And until very recently, you would typically need to invest more than $1 million(!) to access the same level of personalized service from an advisor who could provide 24/7 customized portfolio monitoring and continuous rebalancing.

Here are four ways Dvdendo is eliminating traditional costs and barriers so we can make investing accessible to everyone:

#1. No trading commissions.

Traditional investment firms charge you each time you buy and sell a security. These costs can add up if you rebalance your portfolio often or want to add to your account periodically, but with Dvdendo you have unlimited transactions included in your monthly membership fee.

#2. No account size minimums.

You can open an account with any amount—yes, even $0. You won’t incur any fees until your account is funded for the first time (in fact, you can even become an Early Access Member without having to fund your account). And you can benefit from full-service investment advisory and be fully invested with as little as $5.

#3. No deposit, withdrawal, or transfer fees.

Because we believe you deserve unlimited access to your money, there are no additional costs to deposit, withdraw, or transfer money from your account. And there are no costs for changing your risk profile and its corresponding portfolio composition—you can change your risk profile at any time.

Full-service, automated investing for $1 per month.

With our transparent membership tiers, you’ll immediately access our service for just a flat $1 monthly fee. And when your account balance reaches $5,000, we’ll automatically adjust your membership to a simple 0.35% annual advisory fee, deducted proportionally each month.

In addition to being a low-cost investing option, Dvdendo never stops working for you. You can invest on your own time, whenever and wherever you want. You’ll never have to rush home to meet an advisor during regular business hours or wonder if your calls will ever be returned.

Add your name to our waiting list to become an Early Access Member—you’ll get 3 months of free membership, plus you’ll be the first to know when Dvdendo officially launches.