Watch Dvdendo at FinTech Americas 2016

Did you know that, of the 52 million* Hispanics in the United States, 81%** don’t own any stocks or bonds?

When you think about the correlation between wealth and stock ownership, this presents a frustrating challenge. One of the traditional, time-tested ways to build and manage wealth has been a diverse mix of investments. But how can you hope to start building this kind of wealth if you’re staggeringly underrepresented and underserved in the world of investing?

We created Dvdendo to close the wealth gap for the Hispanic market in the US and Latin America. To learn more about Dvdendo and our guiding principles, check out this introduction by cofounder and CEO Santiago Maggi at the fourth-annual Fintech Americas conference:

Fintech Americas is a multi-day event that helps bankers and financial professionals transform into more competitive companies by embracing technological trends.

Santiago’s presentation was also a symbolic “birthday toast”—the initial idea for Dvdendo was born during last year’s conference!

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*According to research by Nielsen State of the Hispanic Consumer Report.
**According to research by Pew Research Center.