How Dvdendo could’ve helped me in college

Mitch L of LA talks about how he could have saved with Dvdendo in college…

At the time, the word “investing” only crossed my mind when I was sitting in my Fundamentals of Business class. The only planning I did was deciding when I’d go to the library, what I was going to eat, and where I’d be meeting my friends. As a recent college graduate, I can now see all of the reasons Dvdendo would be great for a student.

On a budget

Obviously I didn’t have the money to throw at the stock market and watch it grow. Being a college student was my full-time job! But I could have definitely spared $1 per month. And that’s all it takes to be a Dvdendo member. Looks like it passed the first test.

Rounding up

Although I was on a budget, I still spent money. Probably more than I should have spent. Buying coffee, food, books, weekend activities, etc., adds up in the long run. Most of those purchases didn’t end in a perfect dollar amount, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed if they were automatically rounded up. Dvdendo does just that. I could’ve linked my debit or credit card to my account and watched all of my extra cents (Dvdendo calls them DV’s) go into my investment account. Another easy piece of the investing puzzle.

Investing in more than yourself

They say when you go to college, you’re investing in yourself. With the modern day tuition costs, you’re investing a lot in yourself. Dvdendo gives you the option to invest in everything else. While I was studying and working to get the most out of my degree, I could’ve also been building my investment portfolio. Though that may not have made a huge dent in the student loans (there, I said it), I definitely would’ve been chipping away at them!

When Dvdendo launches, I hope to see current college students signing up and getting past the intimidation of investing! Helpful hint: you can become an early access member and get 3 months of free membership!